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DESIGNIN.am is the official design and marketing agency of inAM² LLC

DESIGNIN is based in Yerevan, Armenia and here’s a glimpse of the services it provides:

  • BRANDING: The core of your business, the silent ambassador. Branding is the image you wish to reflect about your business to the world. In short, it is the way your clients will remember you from the first moment, they meet you.
  • GRAPHIC: Covering everything related to visual arts, such as drawing, illustration, typography, concepts creation and symbolism; as well as all the different styles: minimalistic, flat, old school, modern, etc. It is the twist that adds a little extra to all things.
  • ONLINE: Think websites, mobile apps, online exposure. Everything that engages digitally with the viewer. Therefore, transferring to him an invaluable user experience and rewarding you with worldwide exposure.
  • MARKETING: In short, strategizing the marketing plans for an effective uprising of a brand, creating effective plans to ensure the reach to the target audience.
  • PRINTING: Printing services englobing all the different printing techniques. Thus, achieving a palpable version of the image you wish to send to your audience about your business.
  • CONSULTING: A listening ear and a wise tongue to assist you in seeing your brand from a different point of view. First, ensuring a global view of what you own, and weighing the positive and the negative. Then, tailoring a plan of action to uplift or head start your business.

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December 4, 2023